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We design digital experiences that reduce anxiety, encourage authentic expression and give your community the feeling of one big group hug, no matter where they are 🌎


Authentic expression that creates a connection

Flicking feeds of photos and tweets have made it harder to get attention and even harder to keep it. With Piccles you can design creative drawing journeys for your community to understand each other on a deeper level while feeling part of the bigger picture.



For kids, siblings and parents to feel a little less alone during the long hours of their hospital journey, we’ve partnered with The Crayon Initiative to bring creativity, color, and community to hospitals everywhere.

Packages now available for sponsoring companies to adopt a hospital and receive exclusive employee engagement programs. 


Corporate Wellness

A calming way to build culture and facilitate engagement, Piccles facilitated activities, creative pulse checks and more help ensure everyone feels seen and part of the team.

Art Therapy

Drawing can be a tool for expression and expansion. And it just feels good. Piccles has been used for art therapy, deep group discussion or just sending get-well notes to Nan.

Get up and running in less than 48 hours

Choose questions

A prompt gets your audience focused in the right direction

Collect drawings

Easy for everyone to use, works on all devices, and integrates with a ton of other platforms


Contemplate, appreciate, and discuss your batch of Piccles. Then repurpose them to share with the world

Piccles love ❤️

I'm getting teary-eyed - this is so heartwarming!

Brandon Anderson


Diana Hawkinson

I love this so much! 

Brian Arnold

love love love this!

Andre William

Wait I love this

Aland Brownies

So cute!!!!

Lionel George

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