Customize to you.

Piccles is like the lego block for community building. Easily add fun, meaningful and creative engagement that strengthens the connections in your community, one brush stroke at a time.


Zoom integration

Share your screen to easily use Piccles with your team.

No downloads

No problem. We run everything on the web.

Device agnostic

Works across phones, tablets and computers.

Keep it real

"There's something about the authenticity of a hand drawn image".

Big audiences

See the size of your crowd through their drawings.


Creativity without the cleanup.

Create content

Download and repurpose drawings for social sharing.


Logo, colors and more for sponsorship activations.


Turning any passive screen into an

🤩 interactive experience 🥳

Customizable, configurable controls that connect your community


 Collect drawings and transform them into valuable data.

Smart mobile app

Data Visualisation

Understand your crowd and see clearly how they feel with data visualization.

Call booth

Post Event Video

Your audience will remember your event forever with our post-event videos. Bringing their drawings to life.

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