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Piccles is your audience engagement platform, powered by creativity, simplicity, and fun.

  • Interactive workshops
  • In-person, virtual, and hybrid events
  • Celebrations and ceremonies


Create belonging

We all crave human connection. Piccles shared experiences feel like one big group hug. Participants can show up as their authentic selves while playing a part in the bigger picture.


Build hype and collect creative content with interactive marketing campaigns.


Icebreakers, energizers, networking, and games. Pepper in some Piccles to keep everyone engaged throughout your experience.


You're now have a ton of audience-generated art. Create custom videos, mosaics and more to memorialize the experience and share with the world..


Our solutions

Setup, software, and support are just the start. As your audience engagement partner, we ensure attention and energy stays in the room.

Hybrid events connecting your virtual and in-person audience.

In-person graffiti walls for everyone to leave their mark

Facilitated teambuilding experiences that connect every size team.

Interactive Keynotes delivered by the founder of Piccles


Ready to jump in?


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