Coalesce your Community

Give your people a fish, and they'll eat for a day. Give your people Piccles, and they will stay connected, engaged and inspired for the rest of their lives. You won't have to compete for their attention when you give them easy, fun, and feel-good ways of participating in your community.

Cities & Governments

Citizen engagement is for everyone and we give 8-88 year olds an equal voice and fun way to participate.


From annual meetings to email campaigns, your members stay engaged, connected and close to your purpose.

Religious Organizations

Service has never been so sweet using Piccles to SEE how your congregation is feeling.


3rd grade art classes to college orientations are all using Piccles for active learning with a social spin.


Engagement, Everywhere

Screens can be a distraction, but we think of them as an opportunity. Piccles creative engagement solutions transform any passive screen into an interactive experience in the physical or digital worlds, and connect the two in a hybrid environment.

You can use it for:

-SEEING how your audience FEELS

-Active Learning

-Consensus building

-Idea generation

-Connecting your in-person and virtual audience

A few of our trusted partners already using Piccles now

Get up and running in less than 48 hours

Choose questions

Questions unlock insights. Insights move your A prompt gets your audience focused in the right direction

Engage your community

Build understanding through icebreakers, plan parks with public engagement or anywhere in between

Analyze the results

Transform all of this qualitative drawing data into actionable insights, shareable content or art


Not convinced? Let Jan do it!

We've worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of their members. We're so convinced you and your community will enjoy every minute of it, we're offering 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.

Plus, applicable non-profits get 15% off all software and services


So, why drawing?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been drawing. It's a natural way to share what we see, think and feel. It dissolves power dynamics - a billionaires drawing is just as valid as a 10 year olds. And it's more authentic - drawing is the window to the soul and your inner child is patiently waiting to tell everyone how you REALLY feel.


Let's make magic happen in your community

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